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NewsRivian’s Latest OTA Update Includes Kneel Mode

Rivian’s Latest OTA Update Includes Kneel Mode

Rivian R1 trucks’ air suspension will bow in order to ease entry and exit for humans and animals alike

  • Kneel mode lowers the R1 trucks to about 10 inches from the ground.

  • The over-the-air (OTA) software update is coming to customers in November.

In Rivian’s latest over-the-air (OTA) software update, Kneel mode has been added. This new mode lowers the vehicle by as much as 1.4 inches when activated with the vehicle in Conserve or All-Purpose drive mode and standard ride height. Lowering typically takes around 5 seconds.

Rivian R1 Kneel mode | Photo: Rivian

If someone opens a door before full lowering has been completed, the process will pause. Once everyone has left the vehicle and the doors are shut, it will resume and remain at the lowered position until you start driving again. Shifting the vehicle out of park will start auto-raising from Kneel to standard ride height once it reaches 5 mph.

Kneel mode isn’t available when certain drive modes are in use, like when the vehicle is in Off-Road or Towing. In these situations, changing the ride height could be harmful to the vehicle or the load being towed. Kneel mode is also unavailable when using Sport mode because the vehicle is already set to a low ride height.

Rivian R1 Kneel mode | Photo: Rivian

This new software update provides added convenience and accessibility for Rivian owners. Kneel mode is a welcome addition for those who have difficulty getting in and out of taller vehicles. It’s also a helpful feature when loading cargo into the vehicle. With Kneel mode, Rivian continues to show that they’re committed to customer satisfaction and innovation.


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