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NewsRivian's R2 will follow the same path as the Tesla Model 3

Rivian’s R2 will follow the same path as the Tesla Model 3

  • The Rivian R2 will be a mid-size crossover.

  • The base price will be around $40,000 US.


Up until now, Rivian has been best known for its dual EV utilitarian offering. The R1T pickup and the R1S crossover are two products that can be described as luxurious, but the fact that the prices charged are quite steep makes it harder for the average person to swallow the pill.

The good news is that Rivian is working on more accessible options with its R2 series. In fact, in a recent interview with the podcast How I Built This with Guy Raz, Rivian CEO RJ Scaringe confirmed that the R2 series would be similar to the Tesla Model 3 in terms of accessibility and market rollout. In other words, Rivian’s affordable model will target Tesla’s sedan, the Model 3, which already tops the global EV sales charts.

According to Rivian, the development of the Rivian R2 will be very similar to Tesla’s development of the Model 3.

Of course, the R2 – will there be two versions, like the R1T and R1S? – will respect the brand’s design philosophy, but in a more compact format and with a more accessible price tag. This also means that the R2 will be assembled on a larger scale. In this regard, Rivian is already preparing to build another factory in Georgia, the manufacturer having also announced that it has determined its partner in this other gigantic project. This partner will be Clayco.

We also know that the R2 will have a starting price of around 40,000 US dollars. The R2 SUV will have mid-size SUV dimensions, leaving room for an even more affordable model. At the time of writing, however, this is pure speculation.

With its new plant, the American automaker aims to assemble no less than 200,000 vehicles a year by 2026, when the complex will be operational. Construction of the mega plant will start later in 2024.

With a bit of luck, and an economy favorable to the expansion of the electric car market share, Rivian could become one of the major players if it succeeds in effectively implementing its range of affordable vehicles.


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