Saturday, October 16, 2021
News Road rage causes $45,000 worth of damage to Tesla in New Zealand

Road rage causes $45,000 worth of damage to Tesla in New Zealand

A Tesla driver was the victim of a seemingly random event of road rage, in New Zealand

  • The event was captured by the Tesla’s cameras

  • A driver tailgated the Tesla and tried stopping it before sideswiping it

  • It took 3 months and $45,000 USD to repair the Model X

A video of a strange road rage incident involving a Tesla was posted to YouTube. In it we can see the whole incident, and there seems to be no discernible cause to the other driver’s rage.

The video starts off with the Tesla approaching an intersection an overtaking an old Mitsubishi Galant, safely, in the proper lane.

Almost immediately, the Mitsubishi driver pulled up behind the Model X and began to drive erratically, initiating passing manoeuvres but swerving back into its own lane.

About 3 miles (4.8 kilometers) after the overtake, the Mitsubishi suddenly jumps in front of the Tesla and stops in the middle of the road.

When he saw the aggressive man getting out of his car, Geoff Gardiner (the Tesla’s driver) floored his car and swerved around the Mitsubishi, which then resumed the pursuit.

After they got caught in traffic, the offending driver began to tailgate the Tesla by staying inches away from its rear bumper.

After another failed attempt to stop the Model X, the Mitsubishi sideswipes the Tesla at a high rate of speed, almost loosing control in the process.

The driver then darts in front of the Tesla, which hits the side of the sedan before coming to a stop. The man then jumps out of his car and starts hitting the Tesla and screaming at its driver, before blocking a woman that tried to go around the accident by standing in front of her Hyundai Kona.

Apparently, the man in the Mitsubishi thought the woman would be a witness that could tell the police that the Tesla had hit him.

Of course, the woman told the police to arrest the aggressive man as soon as they arrive, which they did. After watching the footage recorded by the Tesla’s cameras, there was no doubt in their mind who the culprit was and he was charged with reckless driving and attempted assault among other charges.

Fortunately for Geoff, his insurance covered the $45,000 USD needed to fix his Model X that had received damage to the left side and the front, but he had to wait three months before he got his SUV back.

Source: Wham Baam Teslacam ( via InsideEVs

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