Monday, March 27, 2023
News Rodin FZero Is the Track Car of Our Dreams

Rodin FZero Is the Track Car of Our Dreams

Rodin Cars builds track day special with a V10 and hybrid system

  • New Zealand-based company built car “without limitations” of rules

  • 8,000 lbs of downforce, 1,100 horsepower

Cars from New Zealand is launching one of the most extreme track-only cars we’ve seen in a long time. It’s called the FZero and yes, it will be fast.

The company’s first track car, the FZed, was launched three years back. Based on the 2011 Lotus T125, this was a full aero package winged racer that looked ready for Formula 1. Now it’s offering something in-house and even quicker.

The Rodin FZero has been “developed without the limitations of road or racing regulations,” the company says, saying it offers the “ultimate track experience available today.”

What does that mean? For a start, a 4.0L twin-turbo V10 with a hybrid system that can make 1,159 hp and 757 lb-ft of torque. The V10 can scream to 10,000 rpm, and is attached to a Ricard eight-speed sequential racing gearbox.

Stopping the car are 380mm carbon brake discs front and rear, with a six-piston calliper in the front and a four-pot in the back. The callipers are titanium 3D printed (so is the transmission case), helping make the parts as light as possible.

The Rodin FZero weighs just 1,538 pounds thanks to all of the titanium parts and a carbon fibre body. With the aero package able to generate up to 8,818 lbs of downforce, yes, this car should be able to drive on the roof of a tunnel. At least if you can find the right ramp.

Top speed is 360 km/h, though that’s going to depend on how you have the big rear wing set.

Rodin hasn’t said prices yet, but we’re not sure it matters. The company is planning to build just 27 of these with the first cars ready next year. Expect them to sell out even faster than the car’s lap times. Hopefully, some of them will actually be used as designed and not become fast-looking garage art.

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