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NewsRolls Royce Brings Hot Pink and Baby Blue Models to Monterey

Rolls Royce Brings Hot Pink and Baby Blue Models to Monterey

Rolls makes startling bright special editions

  • The brighter side of Rolls-Royce

  • Automaker has been showing some seriously interesting colours of late

Rolls-Royce is marking the return of one of the most prestigious automotive events of the year with a hot pink car and a bright blue SUV. Tough they may shock some of the more traditional attendees of Monterey Car Week, the two stunning Rollers will no doubt be impossible to miss, especially for younger or more fashion-forward clients.

Yes, that’s a hot pink Rolls-Royce Ghost sedan, though the company calls it Friskee Pink, a bespoke colour for the car. The interior is slightly more sedate in Navy Blue and white leather inside. The interior also features a new leather hue called Shieda, a bold magenta pink much like the exterior finish, it is used for accents on the dials as well as covering the indicator stalks. The headrests and seats are also stitched in the bright colour.

The second special is a Rolls-Royce Cullinan Black Badge finished in Iced Turchese (even the paint colour names are opulent and extravagant). The bright blue is paired inside with black leather for the seating and Black Badge accents. The controls, dash top, and other interior trim use the Turchese colour, brightening up an otherwise sedate cabin.

Rolls will be showing these two bespoke models at The Quail beginning tomorrow. We expect them to attract loads of attention, some of it horrified and some of it adoring, because these two cars are especially polarising for what has long been a brand more associated with understatement. We like that they’re shaking things up at the company’s Goodwood HQ



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