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NewsRolls-Royce Could Have to Increase its First EVs Production Run

Rolls-Royce Could Have to Increase its First EVs Production Run

Rolls-Royce says its first EV is so popular that it could have to extend its production run.

  • The company’s CEO said the Spectre EV received “far more” orders than expected.

  • Full details for the EV have yet to be announced and production is still a few months away.

  • Rolls-Royce could have to adjust its production plans.

Rolls-Royce unveiled the Spectre, its first electric vehicle, last October and the company says it has received so many orders since then that it could have to adjust its production plans.

Making an entry into the EV market can be tricky for a company that has strong traditions such as Rolls-Royce, but the brand seems to have managed it well.

Indeed, the company’s CEO said that order intake for the Spectre has been “far better” than expected and could lead to an extended production run if customers continue to show interest at the same rate.

This is despite the full details about the Spectre and its powertrain having not been announced yet due to the start of production being a few months away still.

As of now, we know that the Spectre will have around 520 kilometres of range, according to the WLTP standard, due to a battery pack that will weigh 700 kilograms (1,543 pounds).

Both of these metrics lend credibility to the rumours saying the Spectre will use the same 102 kWh battery pack as the BMW i7.

We also know that its dual-motor powertrain should deliver 577 horsepower and an even higher level of smoothness and quietness than the brand’s current V12 engine.

The Spectre will use the same aluminum Architecture of Luxury as the new Ghost since this platform was created for both EVs and gasoline-powered vehicles.

Due to its $400,000 starting price, the Spectre will slot between the Cullinan and the Phantom in the Rolls-Royce lineup and about $100,000 higher than the entry-level Cadillac Celestiq in the luxury EV market.

This apparent success is good news for Rolls-Royce since the high-end automaker aims to electrify its entire lineup by the end of 2030.

Source: Inside EVs


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