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NewsRolls-Royce Delivers the First of Four Coach-built Droptails

Rolls-Royce Delivers the First of Four Coach-built Droptails

The Rolls-Royce La Rose Noire is a bespoke version of the Droptail, of which only four units will be built.

  • This two-seat convertible is inspired by the commissioning family’s favourite flower.

  • It features many one-off elements such as the wheels, a watch, the paint, and the wood veneers.

  • It is reportedly the most expensive new car in the world, at over $33 million CAD.

On the sidelines of the automotive events held in Pebble Beach, Rolls-Royce handed over the first coach-built Droptail model to the commissioning family in a private gathering.

While four Droptails will be built, each will be unique due to the high degree of customization that is offered to the future owners of what is claimed to be the most expensive new car in the world, with a price of more than $33 million CAD.

The first vehicle in question is a distinctive two-seater convertible named La Rose Noire, in honour of the commissioning family’s favourite flower, the Black Baccara.

This flower influenced more than the name of the car since it is the basis of its design as a whole, especially its unique paint job and wood veneers.

Indeed, the majority of the body is painted in a special shade of metallic red called True Love while accents such as the wheels, the hood, and the removable roof are painted in a much darker red called Mystery.

Continuing the flower theme are the “petals” represented by red veneer triangles randomly embedded within the traditional black woodwork which extends from the instrument panel all the way to the rear deck.

As expected from Rolls-Royce, all of this was created by artists and skilled craftsmen who worked in closely controlled environments and took up to 150 trial runs to perfect their technique in order to guarantee a flawless execution for the final product.

In contrast to the very traditional coach-building process, Rolls-Royce used very modern technologies to create some of the vehicle’s features, such as 3D printing.

Indeed, the lower intake up front was 3D printed out of composite material that was then augmented with 202 stainless steel ingots painted the same shade of True Love as the body of the car.

Behind this intake is the same twin-turbocharged 6,75-liter V-12 engine that has powered almost every Rolls-Royce model for the last decade.

The stand out feature on the interior of the La Rose Noire Droptail, apart from the unique veneer, is an exclusive watch that was commissioned by the family from Audemars Piguet, a renowned Swiss watchmaker.

In addition to adorning the dashboard, this watch can also be worn by the owner since it is secured by a motorized holder that presents it at the touch of a button.

When it is taken out, a titanium blank that features an engraving of the Black Baccara can be installed in its place. Both this blank and the watch band are stored in a leather pocket inside the doors when either is not in use.

Additionally, a champagne chest is included specifically for the owner’s own vintage of Champagne de Lossy.

As mentioned previously, the other three versions of the Droptail should differ significantly from this one, and knowing Rolls-Royce, they will all be more impressive than the previous one.

Source: Autoblog


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