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NewsRolls Royce Will Reveal its Electrification Strategy Tomorrow

Rolls Royce Will Reveal its Electrification Strategy Tomorrow

Rolls-Royce will embrace the future by introducing its first electric car by 2030

  • The brand had already announced it will build its first electric car by 2030

  • Rolls Royce is expected to go straight from gasoline to electric power, skipping hybrid powertrains.

  • The company is confident its founders would have approved this decision

Rolls Royce is one of the most prestigious automakers in the world and its cars have a rich history and tradition, but that doesn’t mean the company will be left in the past.

Tomorrow (September 29), Rolls Royce will publicly reveal its strategy concerning electrification and the future of the company.

The BMW-owned British company has already teased electric cars a few times during the last two decades, but this is the first time it will actually commit to shift its production to electric vehicles.

The introduction of an electric Rolls-Royce, planned for 2030, will mark the first time the brand will build a car without a V12 engine since 2003.

One of the attributes traditionally associated with the company is the smoothness and the quietness of its powertrains, both can also be applied to electric vehicles.

Rolls Royce even stated that due to these qualities, its founders would have chosen electricity to power their cars if the technology would have allowed it in the 1910s.

Incidentally, Sir Henry Royce was involved with the production of electrical components before he started his own company with the help of Charles Rolls, who himself owned an electric car as soon as 1898.

The first electric car from Rolls-Royce will be a culmination of development work that began in 2011, according to the automaker.

Since the two companies are related, electric Rolls-Royce models could share some of their engineering with BMW’s EVs, especially the i7 luxury sedan that should be introduced shortly.


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