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NewsRTR Launches Spec 2 Package for 2024 Ford Mustang

RTR Launches Spec 2 Package for 2024 Ford Mustang

Light up grille and new suspension are the highlights

  • Spec 2 means body kit and adjustable suspension

  • Kit fits on any 2024 Ford Mustang

RTR Vehicles has just revealed its first kick at the can on the 2024 Ford Mustang. The RTR Spec 2 Mustang offers more aggressive looks and a new suspension setup. But there are no claims of extra horsepower.

The RTR Spec 2 car starts with the company’s own new grille. The design is meant to accelerate airflow around it, pushing that air through the cooling system. Then there are the illuminated scoops in the side that send cool air to the engine’s intakes.

There is a hood vent that RTR says helps move air out from under the hood, and it claims aero benefits for the front, side, and rear splitters. As well as the new rear duckbill spoiler.

Under the Mustang is an RTR Tactical Performance Suspension. The new parts include adjustable dampers, lowering springs, and adjustable sway bars front and rear. RTR says the setup can be tuned as a comfortable daily or for drift or track days.

Other upgrades include RTS wheels wearing Nitto NT444 tires, an RTR graphics package, and RTR shift knob and floor mats.

The package can be added to any base Ford Mustang, and the parts will run $12,495. It includes a dash plaque with the signature of owner Vaughn Gittin Jr, a certificate of authenticity, and a three-year, 36,000-mile warranty.



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