Sunday, May 29, 2022
News RV Company Airstream Introduces the eStream Concept EV trailer

RV Company Airstream Introduces the eStream Concept EV trailer

The electric self-propelled camper is coming but it will be expensive

  • The eStream is self-propelled and includes a large-capacity battery.

  • The concept is based on a Ford Transit EV.

Necessity is the mother of all inventions, as they say. In this case, the electric trailer is the solution to towing with an electric vehicle. It’s been noted on many occasions that electric vehicles that tow suffer from catastrophic range drops. In order to offset the loss of autonomy, the famed RV builder has created the eStream electric RV trailer.

Airstream IeStream Concept | Photo: Airstream

The concept is brilliant in many ways. The first massive advantage to the concept is that, as it is self-propelled, it alleviates the drag burden on the tow vehicle thus improving efficiency and range. What’s more, the electric motors can boost trailer stability and modify weight distribution. This will negate the need for special towing equipment and potentially reduce costs. As well, as demonstrated in the video, it can effortlessly be moved into position eliminating the need to back the trailer into position. Another advantage is the onboard battery serves as a power source meaning that off-grid camping is easy and compromise-free.

The video also shows that the eStream is packed with modern technology designed for comfort and ease of use. As noted by Travelinglifestyle, the downside to this trailer is that, should it be built and sold to the public, is that it will be pricier than an equivalently sized regular camper.

Airstream IeStream Concept | Photo: Airstream

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