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NewsScout Motor : more details revealed

Scout Motor : more details revealed

  • Production of the two vehicles is set to start in 2026.

  • The unveiling of the two EVs is scheduled later in 2024.


As part of its electric push, the Volkswagen Group intends to capitalize on its new Scout Motor division. In fact, just a few days ago, the first shovels were turned at the site in South Carolina where the first two vehicles of this branch dedicated to off-road driving and adventure will soon take shape, much like the International Harvester Scouts of the 60s and 70s.

Scout Motors teaser | Photo: Scout

The company’s CEO, Mr. Scott Keogh, gave us a few juicy details about the first two vehicles of this new all-electric automotive brand. Of course, this pickup developed by Scout Motor will be an asset for Volkswagen to secure a market share of choice in the electric pickup arena. However, the addition of this SUV will solidify Scout Motor’s ambitions, as the format is as popular as ever with motorists.

Interestingly, senior management has also indicated that it has no plans to make any customary changes following the introduction of the two vehicles later in 2024. The design of the first two Scouts is almost finalized at the time of writing. What we’ll see is what we’ll get.

Scout | Photo: Screenshot from Volkswagen Capital Markets Day presentation

What’s important to understand is that the aim with these two vintage inspired EVs is that they are unlikely to be as rounded as the most aerodynamic models on the market. We can therefore expect two vehicles with an assertive personality, like the Jeep Wrangler, Ford Bronco, and Land Rover Defender in the 4×4 segment.

Where it gets interesting about these two highly anticipated vehicles is that there’s already a starting price attached to the SUV. The first step on the Scout ladder will cost a minimum of $50,000 US. So Canadian consumers know what to expect. As for the pickup truck, it’s safe to assume that the price will be a little higher.

Production is scheduled to start in 2026.


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