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NewsScout Shows Off Its Heritage in New Ad

Scout Shows Off Its Heritage in New Ad

VW's Scout with another new spot

  • Scout coming back with rugged electric SUVs

  • New ad reminds you of brand heritage

The Scout brand is coming back, and its parent company wants to make sure you remember the brand. The old truck division of International Harvester has rugged roots, and reminding you of that is key to the new company. Which means ads like this one.

It’s called Back to Work, and it brings the original Scout promise front and center. The Scout was part of International Harvester, a company that made farm equipment and wanted to make a range of 4×4 that was up to its level of capability and durability.

The ad is full of subtle reminders of that farming heritage. It’s also full of classic Scout models on the road and the trail in modern times. And since the brand will be built in the U.S., there’s plenty for those who want their country to be more like it was back in the 1970s.

The ad then showcases construction on the new Scout factory and takes a quick look behind the scenes at the development of the new electric SUVs.

As far as the new electric SUVs, we’ve still only seen teasers. The SUV and pickup will go into production at the new factory starting sometime late next year, but that means we’re not expecting to see them in full until late this year or early 2025.

Until then, expect plenty more teasers and ads as Volkswagen-owned Scout aims to bring its brand back to the forefront of your memory.




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