Saturday, May 28, 2022
News Shelby American Launches 775 hp F-150 Pickup

Shelby American Launches 775 hp F-150 Pickup

775 supercharged pickup? Sign us up!

  • TRX-beating power for Blue Oval fans

  • Limited-edition truck gets lift plus special bodywork

The latest from Shelby is another muscle truck. A Ford F-150 that has aggressive new bodywork, massive wheels, a lift kit, and enough horsepower to send the Ram TRX scurrying home with its tail between its legs.

All of that power comes from a Whipple supercharger bolted to the 5.0L Coyote V8. The blower stands tall and proud, powder coated in Ford Racing Blue so that even Jeff Bezos can see it as he circles the planet from orbit. A heat exchanger keeps the pressurised air cooled, while a billet throttle body and high-flow fuel injectors make sure the engine stays fed.

Finishing off the underhood look is a carbon fibre air inlet horn, while at the back is a Borla performance exhaust tuned just for this truck. Dual black tips complete the look.

The suspension system comes from the off-road heavyweights at Fox. 2.5-inch front and rear internal bypass shocks have remote reservoirs and adjustable dual speed damping. A BDS lift kit puts the truck in the air to make room for the 22-inch Shelby wheels and 35-inch tires. Shelby says the suspension is ready for the track or off-road, though we’re not sure we’d want this lifted beast anywhere near a road course.

Shelby fits its own front bumper and grille, with the bumper gaining extra cooling ducts to keep the powertrain happy. A painted rear bumper, body-colour fender flares, and a tonneau cover finish off the look.

The upgrades continue inside with two-tone leather seat covers and a host of carbon fibre trim. The trucks get embroidered headrests, and, essential for any Shelby, a numbered dash plaque.

Based on a Lariat trim Ford F-150 4×4, the supercharged Shelby starts from $114,980 U.S. The company will make 600, and they’ll be sold through selected Ford dealers in a handful of countries.

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