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NewsShell Believes EV Hubs will Replace Gas Stations

Shell Believes EV Hubs will Replace Gas Stations

Shell plans to convert most of its gas stations into EV hubs

  • These hubs will be similar to a gas station, with a convenience store and a café

  • The central location of many gas stations could make them attractive for an electric conversion

  • Shell has already converted one of its gas station in London

The move towards electric vehicles has had oil companies looking for a new business model that will ensure their continued growth long after the demand for electricity will overtake the demand for fuel.

Many of these companies are investing in an electric vehicle charging network, which is the case for Shell.

This company’s idea of the future consists in converting most of its current gas stations into EV hubs, basically a “gas station” for EVs.

This means that the gas station we currently know would survive, but with chargers instead of pumps.

The model plans for a convenience store and a café on-site, and perhaps a car wash, just like we currently have.

This is different from most of the large electric vehicle fast charging stations we currently have, which usually consist of a number of chargers built on an empty piece of land, away from the other installations.

This business model could save Shell a lot of money since it wouldn’t have to buy the land and it could mean charging stations are a lot more practical for drivers, since gas stations tend to be strategically located.

This plan would most likely begin in the center of large cities, where electric vehicles are more common and gas stations are well located.

Shell has already converted on of its former gas stations in London, where a low emission zone charges a tax on older cars which drive trough the city center, in order to promote EVs.

This particular location now has nine 175 kW fast chargers, a café, a store and a public seating area with free WiFi.

The other advantage to this practice is to make public stations available at all times, since many of the chargers installed in businesses parking lots are online only during working hours.


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