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News Should you buy a 2019 BMW M5?

Should you buy a 2019 BMW M5?

We could simply go with “yes” here and call it a day, but we will try and be a bit more thorough. There have been so many changes made to the M5 for 2019 that many will question whether this is still the same car that so many fell in love years ago.

The new-generation M5 is certainly very different from any other M5 that has come before it. The mere fact that it now has xDrive all-wheel drive is telling of how much BMW tinkered with their flagship performance sedan. There are no manual gearboxes to be found here either, and the car is heavier that it has ever been.

Right away you can hear the purists moan. More weight, no manual… What happened to the M5 we all know and love? It got with the times, that’s what. And before you complain too much about the lack of third pedal or the fact that power can sometimes be sent to the front axle, please remind yourself that there has never been a faster or sharper M5.

This thing is an absolute beast. It may have gotten more refined, but it’s still a monster that can reach 100 km/h in 3.6 seconds and cross the quarter-mile in less than 12.0 seconds.

2019 BMW 3-Series: Paris Motor Show

The previous generation had issues keeping up with the Mercedes-AMG E 63 S. That’s a fact whether or not BMW owners want to admit it. The new 2019 BMW M5 is more like the AMG than ever, but it can now hang with and even surpass its arch rival in some ways.

So, does that mean you should buy it?

2019 BMW M5
2019 BMW M5 | Photo: BMW

Why You Should Buy a 2019 BMW M5

1. That 4.4-liter V8 that gets you to 100 km/h in under 4.0 seconds? It has 592 horsepower and 553 pound-feet of torque that you can control and command as you please. The BMW M5 is a track beast but driving around the city it feels no different than 540i or 550i. In other words, it may have a ton of power, but this is a very easy car to drive on a daily basis.

2. The M5 has two additional “drive mode” buttons located on the steering wheel. These two additional knobs give the car a very racing feel while also turning the BMW performance sedan into a proper track car when needed. Yes the BMW M5 has xDrive and yes it has more tech gizmos than ever, but anyone who says the M5 has lost its performance soul has simply not driven the car.

3. You can now drive the xDrive 365 days a year even if you live in places where snow would normally force you to put a car like this away. I didn’t have a chance to drive the M5 in the snow, but from what I read of the system it may actually be more winter-friendly than the E 63 S AMG that remains rear-biased. You can still drift the M5, the only difference is that unlike the previous generations all drifts in the new model will be on purpose.

4. Here’s the big thing about the whole M5/E 63 S debate. The BMW still feels like the more raw, purest sports car of the two despite the changes made this year.

2019 BMW M5
2019 BMW M5 | Photo: BMW

Why You Shouldn’t Buy a 2019 BMW M5 

1. BMW made the 2019 M5 more luxurious, but they have some ways to go before it’s on the same level as the new-generation E 63 S. The interior isn’t as visually spectacular, for one, and it’s not as comfortable.

I know, you don’t buy a car like this for comfort, but actually you do in some ways. You want the performance, but you want the luxury aspect as well. At least most do, and those people will probably feel like the Mercedes-AMG E 63 S is more upscale.

2. The issue I always had with the previous BMW M5 was that it just wasn’t loud enough. I like loud cars and I like to hear every single downshift. I like when an exhaust snaps and crackles and emits loud bangs for no particular reason. I like when the sound just explodes out of the tailpipes when you press the start button. The new 2019 BMW M5 is certainly a big step in the right direction, but still isn’t as loud as an E 63 S. For some that may be a bonus, however.

3. The 2019 BMW M5 is fast. Really Fast. It’s actually really, really fast. But the Mercedes-AMG E 63 S is faster but a hair to 100 km/h. On a track, it would be hard to tell both apart.

2019 BMW M5
2019 BMW M5 | Photo: BMW

Final Word

This Should You Buy has almost turned into a comparison test, but ultimately there are only two models in this segment. The Audi S6 isn’t nearly as quick, and the Panamera Turbo costs about $75,000 more for the same-ish level of performance. The Ghibli? Yeah, no.

So, in the end you’re left with a very tough decision: Buy the 2019 BMW M5 or the Mercedes-AMG E 63 S. Here’s what we would do. Get the M5 sedan and the E 63 S wagon.

Honestly, we’d probably go with the 2019 BMW M5 because of the fact that it’s so surprisingly.

2019 BMW M5 Images

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