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Should-you-buyShould You Buy a 2019 RAM 1500 Rebel?

Should You Buy a 2019 RAM 1500 Rebel?

The award-winning 2019 RAM 1500 has something for everyone. We’ll take the Rebel, thank you very much.

If the car business was Netflix, I’d strongly suggest watching a few specific series, aka segments. My #1 pick would be the full-size pickup category. There are only a few reoccurring characters including the 2019 RAM 1500 and Chevrolet Silverado and they are constantly at each other’s throats.

The main character would always come out on top but the length that the others go to thwart the 2019 Ford F-150 are incredible. So extreme is the desire to dethrone the king that lines are blurred, DNA is crossed, and the results are shocking. The new 2019 RAM 1500 is to date the best example of the madness.

FCA’s RAM full-size trucks combine unheard levels of comfort, technology, styling and capabilities that 10 years ago would have been judged impossible. The craziest thing is that GM, Ford and FCA are all doing the same things.

Truthfully, I’ve had a soft spot for the RAM 1500 for a long while but every time I drive an F-150, my allegiances are put to the test. The 2019 RAM 1500 Rebel may have settled my internal debate, at least for the time being…

Let’s see if the Rebel will settle your existential question: Which truck do you need?

2019 RAM 1500 Rebel | Photo: Matt St-Pierre

Why you should buy a 2019 RAM 1500 Rebel:

  • The 2019 RAM 1500 is the most attractive truck you can buy. The Rebel’s physical ingredient ad subtle attitude.
  • The included Bilstein dampers improve ride control both on and off the beaten path.
  • Everyone likes to feel special. The Rebel’s upgraded interior décor and seats are simple reminders that you have a special truck.
  • The RAM 1500 Rebel’s foundation, which consist of the 5.7-litre HEMI and well-sorted 8-speed automatic transmission are more than solid.
  • Depending on your budget, the RAM’s list of options can make a great truck even better. We’re thinking about the newly available Multifunction Gate among many others.
  • The Rebel, along with its skid plates, optional 4-corner air suspension and 33” tires will cajole occupants with space, technology, comfort all the way to Florida, will cross the Everglades and take you back home.
2019 RAM 1500 Rebel | Photo: Matt St-Pierre

Why you should not buy a 2019 RAM 1500 Rebel:

  • We could mention that these trucks have become fairly pricy. A basic 2019 RAM 1500 Rebel starts around $62,000 and with a few options, my tester topped $72,000! But, these trucks know of no limitations…
  • If you have a heavy right foot, it’ll guzzle lots of fuel, but you knew that…
  • If you live in the city, good luck with parking, but that’s no surprise…
  • Here’s a complaint: I wish the Rebel was available with the Crew Cab and the 6’4” bed. I could get an SXT, Big Horn or Sport with this combination but I really, really want a Rebel…
2019 RAM 1500 Rebel | Photo: Matt St-Pierre


All American full-size trucks are excellent. Even the new 2019 Chevrolet Silverado, despite its semi-disappointing upgrades, can still handle everything family and work-life can throw at it.

In this game however, we love the RAM’s design both inside and out. The Rebel trim boosts everything that is best about the 1500 and we can’t keep our eyes off of it. The Ford F-150 may continue on as the #1 best-seller but we’d make our monthly installments out to FCA.


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