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Should You Buy a 2019 Tesla Model X?

Before Lambo had the Urus and Rolls had the Cullinan, the most expensive SUV you could buy was the all-electric Tesla Model X.

The 2019 Tesla Model X may no longer be the most expensive luxury sport utility vehicle on the market, it’s still the fastest in its P100D version which we had the opportunity to review. How fast? Stupid fast.

Today, the P100D is called the Tesla Model X Ludicrous Performance. It offers 465 kilometers of range and will get to 100 km/h in 3.0 seconds. That makes the Model X not only the fastest SUV in the world, it also makes it faster than just about any exotic car you can think for.

Lamborghini Aventador? Model X is faster. McLaren 720S? Model X is faster. Bugatti Chiron? The Model X will get off the line faster.

The other version in the Model X lineup is the Long Range and although it’s not as stupidly fast, it could still give a base Porsche 911 a run for its money. It offers 475 kilometers of range and reaches 100 km/h in 4.9 seconds.

It’s also expensive. Very expensive. The Model X starts at $123,800 while the Ludicrous Performance model will take $166,000 out of your bank account.

You could get two upcoming Tesla Model Y models for those prices, or a Model S and a Model 3. With that in mind, should you buy a 2019 Tesla Model X?

Tesla Model X Should You Buy
Tesla Model X Should You Buy

Why You Should Buy a 2019 Tesla Model X

1) Let’s get the Ludicrous Performance out of the way. There’s something very intoxicating about how fast Tesla’s most powerful Model X model is. Anyone who has ever accelerated with a full electric car knows that unique feeling of being rocketed forward with no accompanying engine noise. The Model X doesn’t accelerate, it teleports. You feel the skin on your face struggling to stay with your skull as the speed builds and builds. There’s no feeling in the world like flooring the most powerful version of the Tesla Model X.

2) The Model X isn’t just fast in a straight line, it’s built to handle all of its power in a turn as well. The thing about Tesla, and we have to give them credit for this, their cars aren’t straight-line gimmicks. They are intelligently engineered cars that are designed to be good in every situation.

3) The Tesla Model X is very spacious. The trunk is huge, and so is the cabin. The lack of mechanical components intruding into the cockpit means every passenger has plenty of leg and knee room. No other SUV feels as open inside as the Model X. It’s a true three-row SUV with more space than any other seven-passenger SUV on the market.

4) The Tesla Model X is a big vehicle, but it doesn’t feel that big in the city. The turning radius isn’t that wide and visibility is impressive.

Tesla Model X Should You Buy
Tesla Model X Should You Buy

Why You Shouldn’t Buy a 2019 Tesla Model X

1) We won’t talk about price here so much as value. Yes, the Model X is incredibly fast and yes it is spacious, but it’s not as luxurious as you expect a vehicle costing nearly $200,000 with taxes should be. The Range Rover or new Lincoln Navigator both blow it out of the water in terms of refinement and luxury. Sure, buyers interested in the Model X may not even consider a Range Rover or a Lincoln, but if you’re the pragmatic kind just know you’re not getting 200k worth of luxury.

2) The Tesla Model X is very quiet, obviously, but it’s comfort level isn’t overly impressive. You will feel the bumps on the road more so than you may be used to if you’ve had other super expensive vehicles. If you’re buying a vehicle costing this much money, you’ve have other very luxurious vehicles. You don’t go from a Civic to a Tesla Model X unless you won the lottery or something. And therefore, new owners may be surprised at some of the harshness they experience on the road in the Tesla SUV.

Final Thoughts on the Tesla Model X

There is no other vehicle available today like the Tesla Model X. From a purely logical standpoint, it has enough range to be a useful daily vehicle, and it’s addictingly fast. It also has plenty of space and is versatile enough for any family. It’s just not as comfy and refined as you want a vehicle this expensive to be, and well it’s just too damn expensive. The new Tesla Model Y may become the Model X’ main rival.

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Tesla Model X Should You Buy
Tesla Model X Should You Buy
Tesla Model X Should You Buy
Tesla Model X Should You Buy
Tesla Model X Should You Buy
Tesla Model X Should You Buy


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