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Should-you-buy Should You Buy A 2020 Cadillac CT4-V?

Should You Buy A 2020 Cadillac CT4-V?

No need to be perfect to stand out in its segment.

  • The 2020 Cadillac CT4-V starts at $44,895 in the United States and at $45,398 in Canada, before freight and delivery charges.

  • Solid handling characteristics, looks good, alluring price.

  • Unspectacular engine sounds, tight cockpit and small trunk, lacks a little character.

While utility vehicles and pickup trucks now dominate the North-American market, some luxury brands still believe in passenger cars to diversify their product lineup. The 2020 Cadillac CT4-V is one of those cars, which also serves up high performance and a sporty appearance that please a younger audience.

It must be said that the subcompact CT4 isn’t entirely new, since the doors and some other body panels were lifted from the defunct Cadillac ATS, its predecessor. However, it rides on a heavily revised architecture, with new powertrains and an all-new interior. Simply put, very little of the ATS has been conserved.

2020 Cadillac CT4-V | Photo: Olivier Delorme

The CT4 rivals small German cars such as the Audi A3, the BMW 2 Series and the Mercedes-Benz A-Class and CLA, but also the Acura ILX. As for the 2020 Cadillac CT4-V, it’s the most potent variant for now, which has to measure up to the S3, the M235i Gran Coupe as well as the Mercedes-AMG A 35 and CLA 35. And perhaps the Kia Stinger GT, if we compare pricing.

While the CT4 relies on a turbocharged, 2.0L inline-four and an eight-speed automatic transmission, with 237 horsepower on tap, the CT4-V benefits from a turbo 2.7L four. Matched to a 10-speed tranny in addition to the choice between a rear-wheel drivetrain and AWD, this hardware produces 325 horsepower as well as 380 pound-feet of torque from 2,000 to 4,000 rpm. Its output surpasses all its adversaries’, although on the road, performance is quite similar between the Caddy and the Germans.

2020 Cadillac CT4-V | Photo: Olivier Delorme

Also, the 2.7L mill seems less rev-happy than the 2.0L engines in the three sporty Bavarians, assorted with a rather dull engine growl, but CT4-V nevertheless accelerates strongly. Fuel economy with AWD is rated at 20/28/23 mpg city/highway/combined in the U.S., and at 11.7/8.4/10.2 L/100 km in Canada. We managed an average of 22 mpg or 10.6 L/100 km during our test.

Aside from the various drive modes, which include Tour, Sport, Track and Weather, owners can configure My Mode and V-Mode by personalizing engine sound, steering assist, brake pedal sensitivity and suspension firmness settings, and a “V” button is located directly on the steering wheel to access what is normally the sportiest drive mode of them all. More experienced drivers can also have some fun on the track aboard the CT4-V by playing with the Performance Traction Management system, which offers five incremental levels of traction and stability control intervention. Something that 99% of owners will likely never do.

2020 Cadillac CT4-V | Photo: Olivier Delorme

Pricing ranges from $44,895 to $57,775 in the U.S., and from $45,398 to $57,268 in Canada, before freight and delivery charges. It’s worth nothing that within the next year, Cadillac will launch the CT4-V Blackwing with a twin-turbo V6 that develops around 450 horsepower as well as an available manual gearbox for three-pedal purists.

Why You Should Buy A 2020 Cadillac CT4-V

  • Thanks to its excellent platform and one of the lightest curb weights in its class, the CT4-V offers great handling characteristics without sacrificing ride quality.
  • In the U.S., the CT4-V is priced about the same as the BMW and the Mercedes-AMGs, and is a couple thousand more than the Audi, so it’s competitive. However, in Canada, the Caddy is more affordable than its rivals by a few thousand dollars. On the other hand, those who prefer leasing should compare monthly payments as they could vary from one month to another.
  • Although straight-line performance is similar to the German sedans, the 2020 Cadillac CT4-V has more standard horsepower and torque.
  • The CT4-V’s cockpit offers more front-seat headroom and rear-seat legroom than its competitors.
  • The Caddy’s driving position is swell and the controls are well laid out. The infotainment system is easy to use while driving, enhanced by centre console-mounted switchgear that’s less distracting.

2020 Cadillac CT4-V | Photo: Olivier Delorme

Why You Shouldn’t Buy A 2020 Cadillac CT4-V

  • Although the CT4-V’s cockpit leads its segment in some dimensions, it remains small, and some drivers won’t appreciate constantly rubbing their right knee against the centre console. At 10.7 cubic feet or 303 litres, the trunk is the smallest among subcompact luxury sedans.
  • While fit and finish are generally good inside, there are some cheap-looking plastics to be found here and there, which can be said of many Cadillac models.
  • Fuel consumption is higher than that of its rivals who all boast smaller-displacement engines, and premium fuel is required.
  • The 2020 Cadillac CT4-V’s engine sound is not that great. Not that it ultimately matters, but the Germans have fine-tuned the tunes in their cars.
  • The CT4-V lacks a little character. Again, it’s not a dealbreaker, but after driving the Cadillac CT5-V, which offers a much sportier personality—and a lustier engine soundtrack—we figure Caddy could’ve done more for the CT4-V.

2020 Cadillac CT4-V | Photo: Olivier Delorme

Final Word

The 2020 Cadillac CT4-V sets itself apart in the subcompact sports-luxury car segment with its pleasing mix of power, poise and polish at an attractive price. Unlike a couple of its rivals that feel as though they were engineered to be entry-level cars, the CT4 is refined and all grown up. Well, maybe a little too grown up in the case of the CT4-V.

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