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Should-you-buy Should You Buy a 2020 Ford Escape?

Should You Buy a 2020 Ford Escape?

The 2020 Ford Escape is the latest entry in the crowded compact SUV segment.

The redesigned 2020 Ford Escape was unveiled earlier this year and we’ve just returned from driving it for the first time two weeks ago. What became clear immediately during our 2020 Escape review was the amount of effort that went into redesigning the latest Escape generation.

Automakers can’t just make a few tweaks to their compact SUV and call it a day, not in in this segment. New models need to be more spacious, more efficient, more advanced and offer better driving dynamics than the model they are replacing, and the 2020 Ford Escape does so.

The new Escape takes what the previous generation did well and improves upon it. The entire package has been improved visually as well, at least outside where we clearly see the 2020 Escape is all-new. Inside, however, a little more sparkle wouldn’t hurt.

2020 Ford Escape First Drive Review: Headed Back Up

Still, the Escape has always been one of the leaders in its segment and the new generation should continue to compete for the sales crown in the industry’s most important segment.

A base three-cylinder engine delivers 181 horsepower and 190 pound-feet of torque. A 2.0-litre EcoBoost four-cylinder engine is optional with 250 horsepower and 280 pound-feet of torque. A hybrid Escape is also available. Pricing starts at $28,549 for a FWD Escape S with the top-of-the-line Titanium trim available exclusively with AWD for $40,049.

2020 Ford Escape
2020 Ford Escape | Photo: Matt St-Pierre

2020 Ford Escape
2020 Ford Escape | Photo: Daniel Rufiange

Why You Should Buy a 2020 Ford Escape

  • It’s very spacious, more spacious than many compact SUVs. The trunk can fit up to 6 golf bags mainly because of a sliding second row.
  • That sliding second row offers a ton of rear leg room even when it’s moved forward completely. There’s more space back there than in any other compact SUV.
  • The base engine can tow 2,000 pounds despite being a three-cylinder powertrain. That’s better than many competitors. The 2.0-litre turbo EcoBoost can tow 3,500 pounds which is a lot more than most compact SUVs.
  • SYNC 3 infotainment is still as good as ever. It’s easy to configure and use.
  • Base three-cylinder engine is very fuel-efficient and despite being small still offers 180 horsepower and 177 pound-feet of torque. It seems odd on paper to see only three cylinders in a sport utility vehicle, but it works on the road.
  • The turbocharged EcoBoost four-cylinder is one of the best feeling engines in the segment. Fast but controlled, it’s a blast in just about every situation from passing to quietly cruising at highway speed.
  • Packed with advanced safety features from the start, and upper trims get exclusive features such as Evasive steering.

2020 Ford Escape
2020 Ford Escape | Photo: Daniel Rufiange

Why You Shouldn’t Buy a 2020 Ford Escape

  • It’s definitely on the pricier side when it comes to compact SUVs. All-wheel drive means over $30,000 and interest rates/financing terms aren’t the best given that it’s a new model.
  • The interior doesn’t feel as new as it should in a completely redesigned model. It’s different from the last Escape, of course, but it’s bland compared to other new compact SUVs like the Toyota RAV4. The centre screen looks bolted on as an afterthought.
  • Drives like a car, but also looks like a car more than an SUV. It kind of feels like a wagon with a slightly higher ground clearance. This may be a plus for some, but if you want an “SUV” feel, you may find the Escape a little too round and too low for your taste.

Final Word

We buy compact SUVs for space first and foremost. Towing capacity, fuel economy and driving pleasure paired with versatility will make a winning combination. The 2020 Ford Escape has that combination. The interior should be better and it may not be “SUV-ish” for some, but it has the goods where it matters to most.

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2020 Ford Escape Images

2020 Ford Escape interior
2020 Ford Escape | Photo: Ford

2020 Ford Escape interior
2020 Ford Escape | Photo: Ford

2020 Ford Escape
2020 Ford Escape | Photo: Daniel Rufiange

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