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Should-you-buy Should You Buy A 2022 Subaru Outback Wilderness?

Should You Buy A 2022 Subaru Outback Wilderness?


The Subaru Outback is one of the most praised all-around vehicles in North America because it appeals to so many different types of drivers. It has a roomy interior, good handling, strong off-road capability and a spacious, comfortable cabin with great visibility.

For 2022, Subaru’s designers have pushed things even further with the addition of a new trim in the Outback lineup. For that, they made substantial changes to the exterior styling of the new 2022 Outback to create the Outback Wilderness. With standard features like X-Mode, advanced dual-function X-MODE, 9.5-inch ground clearance, a skid plate, all-terrain tires, upgraded suspension and Subaru’s Symmetrical All-wheel drive, the Outback Wilderness talks a big game, but can it back it up to?

Indeed, Subaru put a lot of energy into designing the first vehicle to carry the ‘Wilderness’ badge. The new model has a higher ground clearance and a more rugged design. This makes it easier to drive on rough terrain. The approach, ramp breakover, and departure angles have all been improved thanks to the redesigned front and rear bumpers.

Another standard feature on the 2022 Subaru Outback Wilderness is the tablet-style 11.6-inch SUBARU STARLINK Multimedia system, which removes most of the physical buttons in the center console.

The Outback Wilderness’ 2.4-litre turbocharged engine delivers 260 horsepower and 277 lb-ft of torque. It is paired with a CVT and features an 8-speed manual mode with steering wheel paddle shifters.

Enough with all this information, let’s get down to business. Is the 2022 Subaru Outback Wilderness right for you?

Why you should buy a 2022 Subaru Outback Wilderness:

2022 Subaru Outback Wilderness | Photo: Olivier Delorme

  • One of the first things you notice when you sit in the Outback is how comfortable the seats are. The seats are so comfortable, you’ll wish you were sitting in one right now.
  • The revised suspension on the Wilderness is superb. It provides excellent stability on rough terrain while retaining a smooth ride quality on the open road.
  • Even with the Yokohama GEOLANDAR all-terrain tires, the Outback retains a superb ride quality.
  • The 2.4-litre engine adds a lot of fun to the Outback Wilderness without sacrificing too much fuel economy. After my week with the car, I averaged a respectable 11L/100 km, which included off-roading, a small road trip and lots of city driving.

Why you should not buy a 2022 Subaru Outback Wilderness:

2022 Subaru Outback Wilderness | Photo: Olivier Delorme

  • The new tablet-style display in the Outback Wilderness is a great feature, but it’s slightly flawed. Indeed, the 11.6-inch touchscreen in the car is so reflective it can be hard to see and use while driving, especially with the sunroof open.
  • In regards to the touchscreen display, while the main categories (or apps I should say) are a good size, I found the sub-menus and most of the features and options to be too small and hard to navigate while driving.
  • I know I said that fuel economy in the Outback isn’t too bad, but if we look at the complete lineup, the Wilderness has the worst. The car’s all-terrain tires and modified transmission means it drinks 2L/100 km more than the base 2.5L engine in both highway and city driving.
  • The rear-view camera provides a low-quality image, and the front-view camera is even worse. Testing them on a mild off-roading course with a friend, the front-view camera was completely useless. The image quality is something you would see in a car from the early 2000s – at best.


2022 Subaru Outback Wilderness | Photo: Olivier Delorme

The Subaru Outback is a versatile SUV that can handle many different types of terrain, and the new 2022 Subaru Outback Wilderness adds more capability to this already capable SUV. The two-tone hood, the abundance of cladding, and the copper accents inside and out make this car a unique piece that won’t be mistaken for anything else on the road.

Best for people with an active lifestyle, the 2022 Subaru Outback Wilderness still has a comfortable ride, which is great for families with children or anyone who spends a lot of time in the car. We can’t forget Subaru’s legendary AWD system, which is perfect for anyone living in an area with frequent snow, like us in Canada. And when it comes to resale value, the Subaru Outback is one of the best in its class.

2022 Subaru Outback Wilderness | Photo: Olivier Delorme

2022 Subaru Outback Wilderness | Photo: Olivier Delorme

2022 Subaru Outback Wilderness | Photo: Olivier Delorme

2022 Subaru Outback Wilderness | Photo: Olivier Delorme

2022 Subaru Outback Wilderness | Photo: Olivier Delorme

2022 Subaru Outback Wilderness | Photo: Olivier Delorme

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