Thursday, January 26, 2023
News Singer Adds Turbo Power to Its Reimagined Porsche 911

Singer Adds Turbo Power to Its Reimagined Porsche 911

Singer boosts 911s

  • 450+ hp from turbo flat-six

  • Singer says 70 customers already ordered turbo cars

It’s the latest from Singer Vehicle Design, so you already know it’s going to be uber-cool. That doesn’t mean we won’t still show it to you, though, It’s called the Turbo Study and it’s the company’s response to buyers who want their classic Porsche turned modern but they want it done with turbo power instead of natural aspiration.

“My first ever ride in a Porsche 911 as an 11-year-old in 1976 left me dry-mouthed and speechless,” said Singer Group Founder Rob Dickinson. “Forty-five years on from that life-changing moment I’m excited to present the results of our study that aims to capture the awesome thrill of Porsche’s first ‘supercar’ while reimagining its performance and refinement and collaborating with owners to take both to new heights.”

The car in the photos is finished in Wolf Blue and it’s a Porsche 911 reimagined by Singer using the Turbo Study’s results and the vision of the car’s new owner. Not outright speed, this one is meant for touring.

It starts with that Turbo Study engine, a 3.8L twin-turbo flat-size that makes over 450 hp. Why “over”? Because each owner will be able to add as much as their heart (and wallet) desires. The engine is a reworking of the Mezger air-cooled engine, fitted with air to water intercoolers and its turbos.

The bodywork is bespoke carbon fiber, meant to stiffen and lighten the car compared with the original. Like the real 930 Turbo models, it’s a widebody to add functional performance. It’s also filled with tricks like air intakes hidden in the black fender stone shields.

It’s still rear-drive, with a six-speed stick, and it’s fitted with a “touring-focused” suspension. Carbon ceramic brakes bring the stopping up to date, and buyers will be able to fit AWD if they want.

Singer says it doubled sales last year and has a new facility giving them even more capacity. Singer says more than 70 buyers have already signed on for a Turbo Study-based vehicle.


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