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NewsSinger Unveils its First Convertible, the Turbo Study

Singer Unveils its First Convertible, the Turbo Study

Singer released its first convertible model, the Turbo Study.

  • Singer restores and modernizes Porsche models from the 964 generation

  • Every car is made to order according to the wishes of the buyer

  • The engine is a new Porsche flat-six turbo unit delivering up to 510 horsepower

Singer unveiled the Turbo Study, its first convertible model based on a modernized and restored Porsche 911 turbo of the 964 generation.

The 964 generation refers to the Porsche 911 that was sold between 1989 and 1994. Out of all of the 911 turbo models made during that period, only a handful of them were convertibles, which makes them very desirable today.

In addition to a complete restoration of every element, the Singer treatment includes a new powertrain composed of a 3,8L twin-turbocharged air-cooled flat-six-cylinder engine and a 6-speed manual transmission.

Singer Turbo Study | Photo: Singer

This engine produces 450 horsepower in standard form but a version with electric wastegates and an intercooler can bring the output up to 510 horsepower.

To distinguish it from regular Porsche 964 models, the Turbo Study adopts a widebody look created by carbon fibre extensions to the original body and a whale tail spoiler that gives the rear end the appearance of older 930 generation turbo models.

The front-end benefits from new lighting elements and the interior keeps the traditional appearance of the original interior while adding modern conveniences such as wireless charging mats, air conditioning, and power seats.

Singer Turbo Study | Photo: Singer

Like other Singer-restored Porsches, this model is very exclusive and its manufacturing process allows for complete customization that allows each owner to choose every detail of their car.

Of course, this process isn’t cheap and Singer says to expect a price tag of over $500,000. Even so, the company’s order books are full for the years to come and it isn’t taking new reservations for this model at the moment.

Singer Turbo Study | Photo: Singer
Singer Turbo Study | Photo: Singer


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