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News Some Interesting Details About the New Electric DeLorean

Some Interesting Details About the New Electric DeLorean

Classic DeLorean wants to make a brand new electric sports car that will be a reincarnation of the 80s icon.

One of the advantages of electric technology as a mode of propulsion in the modern automobile is that the design of a new model is relatively easier than for a vehicle with an internal combustion engine. Let’s just say that with more compact electric motors, designers have more freedom.

That’s probably one of the arguments that led investors and owners of Classic DeLorean to begin financing the mass production of a new, all-electric DeLorean based on a modern platform. It’s not a matter of salvaging old DeLorean DMC-12 chassis and transforming them for the electric age. No, in this case, we’re talking about a new vehicle capable of meeting modern standards.

In an interview with the MotorAuthority website, the CEO of the new DeLorean Motor Company, Joost de Vries, confirmed that this new project would start from a blank page, except for the name and a few details specific to the 1980s model.

It is safe to assume that this new DeLorean will eclipse its ancestor in terms of performance, with electric technology already superior to several renowned sports cars. The head of the company also confirmed that the battery supplier would not be Tesla, or even Lucid. Moreover, this battery will have a capacity of more than 100 kWh with a charging capacity of 150 kW with an estimated range of 300 miles (or 482 km), the main interested party added that the clientele interested in an electric sports car does not necessarily need such a long distance to have fun.

It’s also quite possible that the new DeLorean will be equipped with an all-wheel drive system, as is increasingly the norm in the electric segment, with a pair of electric motors or more. What’s more, we know that the ItalDesign firm will handle the engineering of the car, but that a new chassis with a carbon fiber structural tube will serve as the car’s backbone.

Unlike the DeLorean of the 1980s that was produced in Ireland, the new variant will be assembled in the United States.

We can also expect to find some elements of the past on this new car. The butterfly doors could be back, but not necessarily with the same type of opening. The stainless steel body will be an idea from the past, however, as the new car will have to be efficient, despite its performance orientation.

If all goes well, a prototype will be unveiled during Car Week in Pebble Beach, California in August. We’ll certainly learn more at that time.


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