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News SRT’s Legendary Hellcat Engine Might Still Have Life Left in it

SRT’s Legendary Hellcat Engine Might Still Have Life Left in it

We pray that rumours of a final bonkers SRT Hellcat offering to end all Hellcats is true

  • Rumours suggest that SRT’s got an 850+ horsepower version coming in the near future.

  • It would run on ethanol (E85) instead of 100+ octane fuel.

  • This car would be offered in limited numbers like the Demon.

Knowing Stellantis, aka FCA, Dodge and SRT are not quite done shredding tires with the help of hydrocarbons just yet. Assumed to be part of Dodge’s “Never Lift” campaign, a new final iteration of the famed Hellcat engine is in the works.

2020 Dodge Challenger SRT Super Stock | Photo: Dodge

It was in fact with a “devil may care” attitude that Dodge and SRT developed, built, and sold a limited number of SRT Demon Challengers a few years back. At the time, and still today, it shocked the automotive world with its supercharged 6.2-litre HEMI Demon V8 capable of producing 840 horsepower on 100+ octane fuel.

This same engine has been tuned a number of ways and offered in numerous special versions of the Challenger, Charger, and Durango. And while all assumed that the Demon was tops, moparinsiders have shared a tale that involves a Hellcat that would be capable of 850 horsepower or more in the future.

Dodge’s 24 Months of Muscle Campaign Shows Coyote Roadkill

This likely final tune would consume massive amounts of ethanol (E85), instead of 100+ octane fuel, and develop Demon-dusting horsepower. No matter the output, this new car will be built in small numbers if and when Stellantis decides to give it a go.

Follow the trail of tire smoke to find out more.

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