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NewsStellantis and LG will Make Battery Cells in North America

Stellantis and LG will Make Battery Cells in North America

Stellantis will join forces with LG to build battery cells in North America

  • Stellantis wants to have 40% of its US sales to be electrified by 2030

  • Many new electric and hybrid products should be introduced by Stellantis in the next few years

  • LG already supplies the Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid with battery cells

Stellantis and LG Energy Solutions have announced their plan to build a new factory to produce battery cells and modules destined to be used in Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge and Ram vehicles built in North America.

LG is a major player in the electric car industry since it also produces cells for General Motors in four plants across the United States. The company already supplies the batteries used in the Chrysler Pacifica e-hybrid minivan since 2016, so this isn’t the first time both companies have worked together.

The location for the future facility hasn’t been determined yet and it could be in either Canada, the United States or Mexico since the company has assembly plants in those three countries.

Construction of the factory is set to start in mid-2022 and production of components should begin in the first quarter of 2024 with an output that should reach 40 GWh annually.

Batteries produced there will be used in a variety of hybrid and electric only models, including Jeep’s 4xe models and an upcoming fully electric vehicle, as well as an EV Ram 1500 pickup and a Dodge electric muscle car.

Ram 1500 EV
Ram 1500 EV | Photo: Stellantis

These batteries should allow some of the new electric models to have a 500-mile (805 kilometers) range.

Stellantis is part of a joint venture with Total Energies and Daimler in Europe to produce battery cells, but this announcement confirms cells produced in Europe will be reserved for vehicles built in Europe and those produced in North America will stay on this side of the ocean.


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