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NewsStellantis and Unifor Reach a Tentative Agreement in Canada After 7-Hour Strike

Stellantis and Unifor Reach a Tentative Agreement in Canada After 7-Hour Strike

Unifor workers at Stellantis are expected to sign a tentative agreement that will bring pay raises and the re-opening of a factory.

  • This deal is similar to the ones recently signed by Ford and General Motors.

  • Workers have yet to officially approve the terms of the new three-year contract.

  • Pay rises could reach 25% over three years and the Belvidere Assembly Plant is set to reopen.

Following Ford and General Motors, Stellantis has reached a tentative agreement with Unifor on behalf of its Canadian workers.

After a long period of contract negotiations and a short strike that lasted seven hours, both parties have agreed on the terms of the upcoming three-year deal, which has yet to be signed by the majority of the automaker’s workers.

While neither Stellantis nor Unifor have announced the exact terms of the contract, it is likely to be similar to those recently signed by Ford and GM.

As a refresher, these agreements include a pay rise of 20% over three years for long-time workers, bonuses for full-time employees that can reach C$10,000, as well as the outline of an upcoming pension plan.

This last point reportedly caused disagreements among Ford employees, which is why that particular deal was accepted with a small majority of only 54%.


Since Stellantis has a larger presence in Canada than both of its Detroit rivals, many expect the new contract to be slightly more favourable to workers, with pay rises of 25% and a promise to reopen the Belvidere assembly plant in Illinois, which produced the Jeep Cherokee before being idled earlier in 2023.

Since the American branch of Stellantis reached its own tentative agreement with UAW workers two days ago, following a six-week strike of 14,000 employees in Michigan and Ohio, the Canadian settlement marks an end to the automaker’s contract negotiations.

This left only the American division of General Motors without a contract with its unionized workers at the time of writing.

Source: Automotive News


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