Friday, December 9, 2022
News Stellantis invests $99 Million for Production of a New Hybrid Powertrain in...

Stellantis invests $99 Million for Production of a New Hybrid Powertrain in North America

Stellantis is preparing three factories for the introduction of a new turbocharged 1,6L hybrid engine.

  • The new engine is a European-designed 1,6L turbocharged four-cylinder

  • This hybrid powertrain will be installed in two models

  • Production of this engine will start in Michigan in 2025

Stellantis has just announced $99 million in investments in the United States and Canada to prepare for the introduction of a new engine that will be used in a hybrid powertrain.

The new engine is a 1,6L turbocharged four-cylinder unit that features direct injection. This engine has never been sold in North America before, but it has powered Peugeot and Citroën vehicles in Europe for a while now.

Stellantis hasn’t revealed much about this engine, other than it will be part of a hybrid powertrain that will be available in two models starting in 2025.

The investments will be used to prepare three factories for the manufacturing of components and of the engine itself.

The engine block will be cast at the Kokomo casting plant in Indiana, which is one of the largest such facilities in the world. In order to modify its equipment in preparation for the new engine, this factory will receive over $14 million.

Stellantis is also investing in Canada since the Etobicoke casting plant near Toronto will receive new tooling at the cost of $2 million in order to produce the oil pan for this new engine.

The final assembly of the new 1,6L engine will be handled by the Dundee Engine facility in Michigan, where the 3,6L Pentastar V6 used in the new Jeep Grand Cherokee is currently being made.

This engine will continue to be produced there, but the new engine will replace the 2,4L Tigershark four-cylinder, which will be phased out at the Dundee facility early next year.

This facility will receive the largest portion of the investment, with $83 million dedicated to the tooling necessary to assemble the new engine.

Production of the 1,6L engine and its hybrid components will begin in early 2025, which means that the two hybrid vehicles it will power should become available shortly thereafter.

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