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NewsStellantis Plans Affordable Electric Vehicle Inspired by Fiat Panda

Stellantis Plans Affordable Electric Vehicle Inspired by Fiat Panda

Stellantis intends to introduce a budget-friendly electric vehicle, drawing inspiration from the Fiat Panda, to meet compact EV growing demand.


  • Stellantis aims to tap into the demand for affordable electric vehicles by launching a new EV inspired by the Fiat Panda.

  • The forthcoming EV model, priced below €25,000 ($27,347), is slated for debut in July 2024.

  • This move is part of Stellantis’ strategy to offer economical EV options and compete with industry rivals.


Stellantis, the parent company of Fiat, is strategically expanding its presence in the European affordable electric vehicle market with plans to launch a new budget-friendly EV. This move is aimed at meeting the rising demand for accessible EV options and competing effectively with other industry players.

Fiat Panda

Scheduled for unveiling in July 2024, this upcoming EV will be designed with inspiration from the Fiat Panda, aiming to capture the essence of affordability. Priced below €25,000 ($27,347), this EV is anticipated to provide an appealing option for consumers seeking more economical choices. The Fiat brand’s CEO, Olivier Francois, affirmed the company’s focus on addressing the demand for affordable EVs.

Fiat Panda

Additionally, Stellantis is set to introduce a full-electric city car under €25,000 from its Citroen brand. This new model, known as the e-C3, is scheduled for release in the early months of the following year. Manufacturing this vehicle in Slovakia is part of Stellantis’ strategy to optimize production costs and enhance competitiveness against comparable models such as the Dacia Spring and Renault 5.

Citroen C3

Stellantis’ strategic decisions align with the evolving automotive landscape, where manufacturers are responding to the changing preferences of mass-market buyers. The challenge of retaining consumer interest amid inflation-induced spending constraints is pushing companies to explore more cost-effective offerings. Moreover, the growing presence of Chinese automakers in the European market has intensified the competition and further underscored the need for affordable EVs.

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The significance of offering budget-friendly EV options extends beyond Europe, as Fiat, a brand within the Stellantis group, is planning to reintroduce the electric 500 model in the United States and Canada. Given that the North American market represents a major profit center for Stellantis, this move reflects the brand’s commitment to catering to diverse consumer preferences.

2024 Fiat 500e | Photo: Fiat

According to Francois, there is a potential for shared technologies and components between the new Citroen e-C3 and the forthcoming electric “Panda”. Leveraging common resources can enhance efficiency and contribute to optimizing production costs.


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