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News Stellantis Shows Concepts for the Upcoming Midsize Ram EV and New Dodge...

Stellantis Shows Concepts for the Upcoming Midsize Ram EV and New Dodge Durango to Dealers

Stellantis dealers have been given a preview of the upcoming midsize Ram electric pickup and the next generation of the Dodge Durango.

  • The two concepts have been shown at the company’s dealer conference in Las Vegas.

  • One attendee says the mid-size pickup will share its design cues with the new Ram REV.

  • The Dodge Durango will reportedly be very different from the current model.

During its recent dealer conference in Las Vegas, Stellantis reportedly showed concepts that preview an upcoming mid-size electric Ram pickup and the next generation of the Dodge Durango to those who sell its vehicles across the United States.

According to Randy Dye, the company’s former dealer council chairman and an attendee at this event, the smaller truck represents the future for Ram.

From what we know so far, this model will be positioned under the new Ram REV electric pickup in the brand’s lineup in terms of price and size.

Dye says that this model shares its design cues with the larger electric pickup and that it is instantly recognizable as a Ram truck.

The arrival of a mid-size truck in the Ram lineup has been expected for many years since it hasn’t had a smaller truck to offer customers since the Dakota was discontinued after the 2011 model year.

While mid-size pickups were falling out of favour back then, this is very much not the case anymore, with Ford and General Motors having re-entered the segment after a short hiatus.

The other concept present at the conference was a preview of the next Dodge Durango, the brand’s largest SUV.

While the next Ram EV will look like its predecessor, it seems to be different for the Durango. Indeed, Dye says this model will be drastically different from the current generation, which has been offered since 2011 with only light changes.

We don’t know exactly what that means for the Durango, but the attendee says it will represent the new direction of the market by matching more closely with what buyers want.

In addition to showcasing these two concepts, the automaker also took the opportunity to lay out its electrification strategy to its dealers and talked about over 30 new electric products which will join the Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Ram, and Fiat brands over the course of the decade.

This seems to have been a judicious decision since Dye says the conference didn’t feel like a way to strong-arm dealers into accepting the transition to electric vehicles but rather a way to make them understand the importance of this new technology for the manufacturer and the industry.

Stellantis has yet to announce an official release date for either concept, but since they have made their first semi-public appearance, they could be unveiled quite soon.

Source: Carscoops

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