Tuesday, November 30, 2021
News Stellantis Windsor Plant: An Intentional Explosion Occurred

Stellantis Windsor Plant: An Intentional Explosion Occurred

The plant that makes the Chrysler Pacifica was evacuated Thursday after an explosion occured

  • An explosion occurred in a vacant part of the facility on November 4

  • The police believe this was an intentional act

  • No injuries have been reported and production has resumed

The police were called at the Stellantis factory in Windsor Ontario shortly before 6 pm on November 4th after an explosion occurred on the East side of the property.

Employees were evacuated after a detonation was heard in a vacant part of the factory and residents of Windsor were told to avoid the area surrounding the plant during the investigation.

The police have publicly claimed they believe the explosion was intentional, but they didn’t release further details.

In a press statement, Stellantis confirmed that no injuries have been reported, but the extent of the property damage is still unknown.

Since this happened in an unused part of the building, production was allowed to resume for the midnight shift and the Friday shifts were all expected to take place as usual.

Both the police and Stellantis will be investigating the motives behind this act, believed to be criminal.

Speculations lead to believe there are tensions among the employees due to the decision of the automaker to cut the second shift back in April due to the shortage of electronic chips that limit production. The possibility that a disgruntled employee might have tried to set fire to the factory with an explosive device is being looked at.

The Windsor plant currently builds the Chrysler Pacifica and Grand Caravan minivans and its has been to sole source of every Dodge, Plymouth and Chrysler minivan sold in North America since the first generation in 1983.

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