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NewsStingray Looking at More Karaoke in More Carpools

Stingray Looking at More Karaoke in More Carpools

Sing on your drive

  • Canadian company looking at more automotive partnerships

  • Currently in Tesla, BYD, and VinFast cars

In-car karaoke could become a lot more popular. Or at least a lot more common as music company Stingray Group is looking to expand and double the number of vehicles that use its media features.

The Montreal-based company, which holds rights to a wide range of music and video content, provides in-home and in-store music. Background music at the mall, or a range of music channels on your cable box. The company also operates 100 radio stations across Canada.

After launching in vehicles with Tesla in 2019, the company has since added BYD as well as Audi and VinFast to its list of customers. A report from Automotive News Canada says the company is looking at being included in 5 million vehicles next year, up from 2.5 million now.

Stingray currently offers its karaoke app for in-vehicle use. It also offers an AI-assisted trivia game, and streams a variety of music channels and concerts. The next plan is to expand Calm Radio into BYD models.

The company told ANC that it was working on new apps with BYD. Stingray is also preparing to launch new features with “several legacy automakers” in North America and Europe this year. However, the company spokesperson would not mention specific brands.



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