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NewsStudy Says: 24% of Americans are Very Likely to Consider an EV

Study Says: 24% of Americans are Very Likely to Consider an EV

More and more people are considering EVs when looking for a new car, but a lot still has to be done to convince the remaining 76% of the American population.

  • This is a 4% increase over last year

  • The study shows most Americans either like EVs or they dislike them, with little middle ground

  • The arrival of new EVs, including Pickups and SUVs could be responsible

A Study conducted by J.D. Power shows that 24% of Americans say they are “Very likely” to consider an electric vehicle when they replace their current car.

This shows EVs are gaining ground since just last year, the proportion of respondents having ticked the “Very likely” box was only 20%.

A possible reason to explain this increase is the arrival of a number of new EVs, especially Pickups and SUVs. In addition, many of the latest electric vehicles on the market are very trendy and desirable, which means that many buyers chose them not because they are electric, but because of what they represent.

This is good news for automakers who are working on new electric vehicles of course, but there is a catch.

Indeed, the same study also shows that pretty much everyone that isn’t “very likely” to consider an EV won’t consider one at all, meaning that the picture is either black or white, with very little grey area.

This is because the remaining 76% of the population all answered that they were “Not very likely” to consider an electric vehicle. This means that automakers still have a lot to do to attract new buyers to their new products.

The major deciding factor for the people surveyed was the accessibility to a charger, since 34% of the people saying they won’t consider an EV also said they couldn’t easily charge it at home.

This is a problem especially for people who live in an apartment or another type of rented property and it shows in the study, since only 17% of renters ticked the “Very likely” box, compared to 27% for homeowners.

The trend towards electrification will undoubtedly lead more buyers to change their mind over time and one of the factors that was uncovered by the study is that people who have firsthand experience in an electric vehicle are more likely to buy one.

Indeed, 24% of the people who have been a passenger in an EV said they were interested and this proportion jumped to 34% for those who have driven one.

Source: J.D. Power


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