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News Study Shows Brands Like Lamborghini Will Benefit From Pent-Up Demand

Study Shows Brands Like Lamborghini Will Benefit From Pent-Up Demand

Some car brands are expected to profit heavily from consumers planning to buy a new vehicle

  • As we leave the pandemic behind, consumers are getting ready to spend.

  • In the US, the car business has already reached pre-pandemic levels.

  • Lamborghini is at the top of the list of revenge spending trends while Rolls Royce seriously trails behind. 

We can all see and feel it, and it’s really good. Summer is right around the bend; just as pandemic restrictions are easing everywhere. Many of us have put off big purchases over the last 15 months or and we’re itching to spend big. The study authors refer to this desire to buy as “revenge spending” and some brands are looking at potentially huge gains.


2021 Kia Telluride Nightfall Edition | Photo: Kia

Top Agency and their Top Data team, according to their press release, have “analyzed aggregated GPS data from visits to 35 car brands to compare which are getting the most vengeful foot traffic compared to pre-pandemic figures.”

Here are the numbers:


(visits are above pre-pandemic figures)

  • Lamborghini – 12.0% above normal
  • Kia – 7.13% above normal
  • Mitsubishi Motors – 6.54% above normal
  • Buick – 6.19% above normal
  • General Motors – 5.27% above normal
  • Cadillac – 4.51% above normal
  • Mazda – 3.85% above normal
  • Jeep – 2.43% above normal
  • Hyundai – 2.34% above normal
  • Dodge – 2.32% above normal


(visits are within 10% of pre-pandemic figures)

  • Honda – 0.02% below normal
  • Tesla – 0.10% below normal
  • Chrysler – 0.60% below normal
  • Porsche – 1.22% below normal
  • Chevrolet – 2.52% below normal
  • Ford – 2.85% below normal
  • Subaru – 3.28% below normal
  • Nissan – 3.70% below normal
  • Audi – 5.04% below normal
  • Toyota – 9.36% below normal


(visits are over 10% below pre-pandemic figures)

  • Roll-Royce Motor Cars – 52.75% below normal
  • BMW – 24.79% below normal
  • MINI – 15.66% below normal
  • Mercedes-Benz – 14.11% below normal
  • Acura – 11.68% below normal

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