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NewsSubaru Announces Plans to Build Dedicated EV Plant in Japan

Subaru Announces Plans to Build Dedicated EV Plant in Japan

Subaru plans dedicated EV plant in Japan by 2027

  • This is the first announced EV-only plant in the country

  • Subaru is spending $2B to help catch up on electrification

Subaru is getting to built its first dedicated EV factory. The plant will be built in Japan late this decade, the automaker said. It’s part of the company’s efforts to catch up on EVs and to help it meet growing demand around the world.

Subaru CEO Tomomi Nakamura said that “the market for EVs has been changing very rapidly over the past year,” Reuters reports. That was part of the announcement that Subaru was planning to to build first a mixed gas and EV production line around 2025, then an EV-only line in 2027.

It makes Subaru the first Japanese automaker to formally announce plans for a dedicated EV factory in their home market. While Nissan builds its EVs at a plant in Oppama, that plant also builds gas models on the same line. Subaru’s existing EV, the Solterra, is built at a Toyota factory located in the U.S.

Nakamura said that vehicles built in the new factory would be exported to overseaas markets. We expect that to include North America, though the executive didn’t specify. It’s also not yet clear if the plant would build any vehicles for Toyota.

Subaru has plans to invest nearly $2B over the next five years to boost its level of electrification. Currently, Subaru offers only the Solterra EV and small volumes of the Crosstrek PHEV for North American buyers seeking greener Subaru vehicles.



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