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News Subaru Could Make a BRZ STI as Soon as Next Year, but...

Subaru Could Make a BRZ STI as Soon as Next Year, but Without a Turbo

Subaru will likely introduce an STI version of the BRZ later this year

  • Subaru showed three STI concepts at the Tokyo Auto Show

  • Of the three, the BRZ STI stands the most chance of reaching production

  • This model would have a sportier appearance, but the same power level as the regular version

Subaru has confirmed that the BRZ STI, which was recently shown at the Tokyo Auto Show alongside the STI E-RA and Solterra STI concepts, could enter production later this year as a 2023 model.

That’s good news for fans of the brand, but this model might have to deal with the same power as the regular model, since Subaru doesn’t plan to install a turbocharger.

In fact, the brand says that the BRZ benefits from an ideal weight distribution thanks to its boxer engine, and that adding a turbo would throw it off balance, which would hurt handling.

This may seem odd, considering that limited power is a criticism that has often been leveled at the BRZ, but Subaru seems to prioritize handling over speed in this case.

This version would therefore be entitled to cosmetic changes and different suspension settings, as is the case with other special editions of the BRZ, like the BRZ tS.

Subaru BRZ STI concept | Photo: Subaru
Subaru BRZ STI concept | Photo: Subaru

The concept shown at the auto show featured reworked bumpers, specific bronze wheels, red accents all around the body and a rear diffuser with very large tailpipes. A huge carbon fiber spoiler was affixed to the trunk, a typical STI trait.

All these elements combine to create a decidedly more aggressive and sportier look than the regular model, while also following the STI tradition.

A version with more engine power would be welcome, but it looks like it won’t be for a while.

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