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NewsSubaru Reveals 2024 Crosstrek. Yes, It's New, We Swear

Subaru Reveals 2024 Crosstrek. Yes, It’s New, We Swear

Subaru is delivering more of the same with latest Crosstrek

  • JDM Crosstrek makes its debut

  • Expect global reveal in coming months

Subaru has just launched the next generation of the Crosstrek compact crossover in Japan. The new model gets new screens and tech, along with changes to help smooth out the ride. It has new styling, too, though in typical Subaru fashion you might have a hard time telling the difference.

One big change is the name. The model has been called the Subaru Crosstrek here for some time, but in other markets it’s called the Subaru XV. A few of you might remember the Crosstrek XV badging circa 2012. Now it’s Crosstrek everywhere, saving the badge-makers some extra work.

The 2024 Crosstrek is based on an evolved version of the Subaru Global Platform. Using techniques learned on the WRX, it has added an inner frame structure and used more structural adhesives. The result is a stiffer suspension mounting that should boost handling as well as ride comfort and make the car more pleasant overall. Furthering that goal, Subaru has added more sound suppression materials in the roof and in the steering system.

Exterior styling is evolution not revolution, but you definitely won’t mistake the nose of this for the last-gen car. It gets more expressive, with a larger grille. It’s more angry-looking, an odd choice for what is typically a friendly-faced brand.

Tech changes include Subaru’s new 11.6-inch touchscreen, as seen in most of the rest of its lineup. EyeSight will be upgraded as well, using a new wide-view camera to improve its sight and software tweaks to improve operation. We expect these are the same changes made to Outback, Forester, and Ascent recently.

Powertrain details were kept tight. The safe bet is a boxer four, either 2.0 or 2.5L (or both). We’ll be pining for either the hybrid boxer offered in Japan or the WRX’s 2.4L turbo.

The 2024 Subaru Crosstrek is expected to go on sale next year in Japan. Expect it here not long after.


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