Tuesday, March 21, 2023
News Subway Wants to Build “Oasis” Parks for Electric Vehicle Drivers

Subway Wants to Build “Oasis” Parks for Electric Vehicle Drivers

Subway wants to install "oasis" parks aimed at EV drivers next to some of its restaurants in the US.

  • These parks would feature picnic areas, Wi-Fi, and playgrounds for children.

  • The company hasn’t said when and where the first oasis will be built.

  • Regular charging stations are also being added to current Subway restaurants.

With the electrification of the automotive industry still in its infancy, many businesses try to stand out by catering to EV drivers in creative ways.

Subway is the latest company to announce such a plan which calls for the construction of “oasis” parks near some of its more popular locations.

These parks will feature public EV chargers of course, but also picnic tables, grassy areas, toilets and children’s playgrounds in addition to Wi-Fi.

This project is aimed at creating rest areas where drivers of electric vehicles could stop for 20 to 30 minutes in order to relax and eat a Subway sandwich while their vehicle is charging.

The company has yet to announce when and where the first oasis will be built and we still don’t know how much it will cost to charge a vehicle there.

Speaking of price, Subway hinted that there will be discounts on sandwiches and other food items for the customers who stop at these charging stations.

Since the restaurant chain doesn’t have experience in the automotive industry or the operation of a charging network, it will partner with GenZEV solutions and RED E Charging, two tech startups.

The opening of the first oasis might still be a few years away but in the meantime, Subway will be adding smaller charging stations to its existing stores in the United States which will allow drivers to gain 120 miles (200 kilometres) of range in 17 minutes at a cost of about $20 on average.

This last approach is similar to the one employed by Taco Bell which became the first fast-food chain to install public EV chargers at its stores last October.

Source: Insider

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