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News Super-Capacitor-Like Aluminum-Ion Battery Cells Charge Extremely Fast and Offer More Range

Super-Capacitor-Like Aluminum-Ion Battery Cells Charge Extremely Fast and Offer More Range

Aluminum-ion battery could be the breakthrough technology that unlocks the EV’s maximum potential

  • They can charge up to 60 times faster than lithium-ion batteries.

  • The cells may last three times longer than the lithium-ion type.

  • They also deliver more power, are easier to recycle, and don’t need to be cooled.

Battery technology development is extremely hot right now. Above all, batteries are a limiting factor when it comes to the adoption of electric vehicles globally. Of the many related “issues”, charging times, battery fires (plenty of recalls ongoing), and costly replacements are top of mind for potential buyers. Beyond these points, there’s the environmental toll related to the extraction of the minerals required to make the cells. These new aluminum-ion batteries may help solve all these issues.

Claims of battery technology breakthroughs are common and this one may be no different however the information supplied by the Forbes articles should still be shared.

There are many supposed advantages to these aluminum-ion batteries including that the graphene aluminum-ion battery cells, it is claimed, can charge up to 60 times faster and hold three times the energy than the best lithium-ion cells. As well, they are not prone to spontaneous overheating and are easier to recycle.

If this technology pans out, charging an EV’s battery will take no longer than filling a fuel tank. If they do hold more, range anxiety will be a non-issue. According to the story, the graphene aluminum-ion coin cells could be ready for the auto industry by 2024.

Graphene Manufacturing Group (GMG), in conjunction with the University of Queensland’s (UQ) Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology, are both involved in developing this promising technology.

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