Tuesday, May 11, 2021
News SuperCharge Electric Racing Series Planned for 2022 With Quick Races, Jumps, Water

SuperCharge Electric Racing Series Planned for 2022 With Quick Races, Jumps, Water

SuperCharge bringing EV road-car-resembling race series for 2022

  • Tracks will be short for viewing, six laps max

  • Spec chassis with different bodywork, 670 hp

A new electrified racing series has just been unveiled, along with a plan to use road cars as the base for the series to put 16 drivers together on track around the globe.

It’s called Supercharge, and while the series will be road-car based, it will be more like a NASCAR stock car than a group of Nissan Leaf and Telsa Model 3s on track. The car will be dubbed the SC01 and each team will need to use that chassis along with a pair of electric motors to deliver around 670 hp. Teams can diverge from the spec car in two ways that could be a benefit to automaker involvement.

The first is the bodywork, which can be changed to provide “a clear visual link” between the racer and the road car. To that end, we’d expect something more like the above-mentioned NASCAR-style bodies. The teams can also use their own battery technology development to help provide a technical boost for and from actual street cars. Supercharge series cars will be designed to use roadside fast-charge stations and connectors.

Though they won’t be using them during the races. Organisers hope to have eight events in the inaugural 2022 season in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and the USA, with each event having 15 races of no more than six laps each. The tracks will be around 1 km long with excellent spectator views, a 2.5m jump, a water splash, and a SuperLoop that each driver must complete once per race.

Challenging the drivers, the series will ban launch and traction control as well as brake-by-wire. With the spec chassis, driver and setup skill will be key, as will battery management. It’s an interesting format, one that hints at the Global Rallycross series but electrified.

The series has signed FIA World Rallycross former organiser Rob Armstrong on the management side and seems to have snagged driver and TV host Tanner Foust who said “the excitement of electric acceleration, high-performance and cutting-edge technology, combined with the tempo of the race day, will tick both boxes and in turn ensure a very successful series,” adding that “I can’t wait!”

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