Monday, June 5, 2023
News Survey Says 97 Percent of Canadian EV Owners Would Buy Another

Survey Says 97 Percent of Canadian EV Owners Would Buy Another

EV buyers don't want to switch back

  • CAA conducted largest Canadian EV owner survey

  • Shows range, cold weather worries plummeted after ownership

A new study from the Canadian Automobile Association says that nearly all EV owners would buy one again. Plus once owners had an EV of their own, worries about things like range and cold weather fell off considerably.

Through PlugShare Research, more than 16,000 Canadian EV owners were surveyed to ask about their EV ownership experience. That includes range, charging habits, driving habits, and the likelihood they’d buy another. CAA said this was the largest-ever survey of Canadian EV owners.

97 percent of EV owners said that they would purchase another EV when it comes time to replace their current one. 89 percent said they enjoy driving their EV more than their ICE vehicle and 92 percent say it is quieter. Importantly, 95 percent of owners say their EV is more affordable than the gas model it replaced.

Worries about EV ownership didn’t disappear, but they were greatly reduced with experience. CAA says worries about range dropped 37 percentage points compared with before purchase with just under a third of owners worried about range after they owned their vehicle. Just a third of owners had concerns with cold weather performance, and only 13 percent were worried about battery degradation.

It’s not all sunshine and roses. 44 percent of EV owners reported that the lack of public charging infrastructure was still a worry. EV owners said they spent 30 percent of their charging time away from home.

36 percent don’t have the confidence to take their EV on a long trip, the survey found. With 67 percent of EV owners still owning a gas-powered vehicle.

“CAA is committed to being a leading voice on mobility for our Members and all Canadians, however they want to travel,” said Ian Jack, vice president of public affairs for CAA National. “We know EVs are gaining sales, but a lot of people still have questions. We think this research – into the actual experiences of EV drivers in Canada – sheds an important light into where the real pain points are, and where potential buyers can perhaps worry less.”


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