Tuesday, January 31, 2023
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Next Generation Toyota 86 And Subaru BRZ Is Safe And Sound

2019 Toyota 86 TRD Special Edition
Toyota and Subaru had some good news for those of us who like to drive. The 86 and the BRZ are coming back. Driving purists will be the first to jump for joy as both a new Toyota 86 and Subaru BRZ have been green-lighted....

The 8 best manual transmissions you can buy today – the revised list

While Charles may be right about the fact that the manual do-it-yourself row-your-own-gears transmission is going the way of the dinosaurs, I can’t 100% agree with the list he’s compiled. I’ve revised his list and will complete his thoughts with my own, as a holder...

The 8 best manual transmissions you can buy today

Porsche 911 GT3
They may be on the way out, but manual transmissions will forever remain at the heart of what defines a sports car for a true enthusiast. Dual-clutch automatics may switch gears more efficiently and ultimately make you and your car faster, they can’t match...