Wednesday, January 19, 2022
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Free Tesla Supercharging is Back

Tesla V3 Supercharging
Tesla brings back unlimited free supercharging for the Tesla Model X and Tesla Model S. Tesla announced via its Twitter account on August 3 that free unlimited supercharging was back for its new Tesla Model S and Tesla Model X, but not for the Tesla...

Tesla pickup truck to be unveiled in two to three months

Tesla pickup rendering
Elon Musk tweeted that a few more details needs to be tweaked before revealing the Tesla pickup truck in about 2 to 3 months. Tesla already has the Model S sedan, the Model X utility and the affordable Model 3. One could also add the...

Tesla: production and deliveries are up

Tesla Model 3
Tesla posted its production and delivery numbers for the second quarter and everything is up by a good margin. Californian manufacturer Tesla has released its production figures for the second quarter of the current year. Between March and July, the maker of the Model S,...

Drako GTE Electric Will Develop 1,200 Horsepower

Drako GTE Electric vehicle
The Drako GTE promises exceptional performance starting this summer. There's a new electric car on the way, and it will be far from slow. Called the Drako GTE, it has the kind of specs you usually expect to see from some obscure Chinese EV. Except Drako...

Truckla: Youtuber presents her Tesla pickup truck

A Youtuber tired of waiting for the Tesla pickup truck made her own, the Truckla. Popular Youtuber Simone Giertz posted a video today of her new Tesla pickup truck. The thing is that it’s not an official Tesla truck but her own creation. The Youtube video...

Long-Range RWD Tesla Model 3 Is No More

2019 Tesla Model 3
Believed to be a result of a desire to simplify production and boost profits, the long-range RWD Tesla Model 3 will no longer be available. If you live in a busy urban area and pay attention to cars, you’ll more than likely have noticed that...

Tesla has a design for a submarine car says Musk

Elon Musk said during a conference call that Tesla has a design ready for a submarine car, similar to the one found in James Bond’s ‘The Spy Who Loved Me.’ Do you remember that above scene from the 1977 James Bond movie ‘The Spy Who...

The Tesla Roadster’s Crazy Steering Wheel To Make Production

Rumours has it that the two-spoke butterfly steering wheel from the Tesla Roadster will make it to production even though it’s not legal in most markets. The Tesla Roadster prototype, which was first seen back in 2017, featured a number of cool tricks including the...

Tesla Pickup Will Kick Butt And Take Numbers, The Ford F-150’s In Particular

Tesla pickup rendering
New Tesla electric pickup won't be out of your price range.

Tesla struggling with quality problems … in Norway!

2019 Tesla Model 3 Standard Range
Tesla faces a number of quality issues and complaints in Norway, particularly in terms of customer service, delivery times and product delivered. The very rapid growth of manufacturers can sometimes have repercussions on the quality of manufacture. This seems to be happening with Tesla in...