Monday, September 21, 2020
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Apple iOS 14 Includes CarPlay And Maps Updates

Maps will including electric vehicle routing. Car Keys in Wallet will allow you to go fully keyless. The CarPlay wallpaper has evolved. Discovering Apple CarPlay in your new car (or Android Auto) is nothing short of a revolution. Connecting your phone, your world, to...

Apple Patents Show Safety Doors, Underwater Mode, Anti Car-Sickness VR

Limiting doors to keep you from getting doored Using motion backgrounds in VR to stop motion sickness Digging through patent filings from the company has dug up that the long-rumoured and on-again off-again Apple Car could have doors that will stop you getting hit...

Apple iPhone Digital Key Unveiled Along With BMW Partnership Means Unlocking And Starting The Car Using Your Phone

Apple Digital Key for BMW
New Apple Digital Key will work with both iPhone and Watch to unlock compatible vehicles Partnership between Apple and BMW confirmed NFC technology will allow users to "tap" their phone to the handle to unlock it Unveiled today at the World Developers Conference, the...

Using Your iPhone or Apple Watch to Unlock Your Car Will Soon Be Possible

BMW Digital Key Apple CarKey iOS 13.4
iOS 13.4 Beta was unveiled earlier this week for developers; The next Apple iOS might come with a new technology called CarKey; With it, you could unlock, lock and start your car with your iPhone. Earlier this week Apple released the iOS 13.4 Beta...