Wednesday, December 2, 2020
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Ares Design Chops Top, Creates S1 Project Spyder

Stunning open-top Italian supercar Virtual canopy for fresh air without despair A coachbuilder called Ares Design has put together a mid-engine supercar with a V8 that'll rev to nearly 9,000 rpm. And now they've cut the top off so they can build 24 of...

Ares Design Goes from Coachbuilder to Carmaker with S1

Mid-engine supercar designed and built by Ares NA V8 revs to nearly 9,000 The Italian coachbuilders at Ares Design have really done it this time, with the S1. A custom-built supercar with an 8,800 rpm NA V8, bodywork devoid of spoilers and wings, and...

Ares Design Panther Is Cohesively Beautiful

Ares Panther
This hand-built Ares Design Panther supercar is based on the Lamborghini Huracán but looks so much more coherent. Also, pop-up headlights. The real bad news is that only 70 of these cars will be built over the next few years. The Ares Design Panther is...