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Expectations For Autonomous Cars Too High: Ford Motor Company

2020 Ford Escape
Ford CEO Jim Hackett admits that autonomous cars, still planned for 2021, will be far from fully-autonomous when they arrive given the sheer complexity of the issue. In other words, Ford autonomous cars may not be all that autonomous. We’ve debated the pros and cons and...

Self-Driving Toyota Prius Crosses the US With No Driver Intervention

Self-Driving Toyota Prius
A self-driving Toyota Prius made its way from San Francisco to New York in just four days without any form of driver intervention except for needed stops along the route. The special Prius was prepared by former Google and Uber engineer Anthony Levandowski. For those...

5 Things You Can Only Do in a Self-Driving Car

Five things you can do in autonomous cars
Self-driving cars are real, and they are coming. They may not get here next year, or the year after that, but one day our cars will take care of getting us to our destination with little if any intervention on our part. For those of...

Autonomous cars and drinking and driving

This might be the first time we come across this kind of story but we’re certain this isn’t the first such incident. Nor, we’re convinced, will it be the last… A little over a week ago, a Tesla owner was found passed-out at the wheel...