Thursday, September 21, 2023
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Stellantis Aims for Lighter EVs with Batteries Innovations

Stellantis strives to reduce battery weight by as much as 50% in its electric vehicles, working on new battery chemistries to match the weight of traditional gas cars.   Stellantis collaborates with battery tech firms to explore suitable chemistries for lightweight batteries. The company invests...

CATL Introduces Revolutionary ‘Shenxing Superfast Charging Battery’ Enabling 397-Kilometer Range in Just 10 Minutes

CATL's latest battery innovation, the "Shenxing Superfast Charging Battery," showcases a 397-kilometer range achievable with a mere 10-minute charge.   CATL introduces the world's first "Shenxing Superfast Charging Battery," showcasing rapid-charging capabilities and impressive range. Built on LFP technology, the battery boasts proprietary features including...