Thursday, August 6, 2020


BMW iNext Undergoing Severe Testing Ahead Of Production

Testing recently conducted in the Kalahari Desert and in remote parts of Sweden. The iNEXT will be an all-electric SUV which will share technologies with the iX3 and i4. The Vision iNEXT Concept was the one all scoffed at for its ridiculous front...

BMW Shows New Images Of iNEXT Prototype

BMW releases new images from behind the scenes of the iNEXT prototype production before its 2021 launch. BMW shared a glimpse of what’s going on behind the scenes of its Pilot Plant, in preparation of the upcoming iNEXT Prototype. The plant, located in the Research...

All-New BMW i2 EV Will Be Built On Joint Platform With Daimler

BMW i3 range
BMW is already planning a smaller electric vehicle called the i2 which may be built on a platform shared with Daimler. The report on the new BMW i2 EV comes from German publication Manager Magazin through Automotive News Europe. Early information suggest it would slot...

BMW i4, iX3, INEXT Electric Vehicles Testing In Extreme Cold

BMW i4, BMW iX3, BMW iNEXT testing
BMW has unveiled some photos of its upcoming electric vehicle lineup including the BMW iX3, BMW i4 and BMW iNEXT. Get used to hearing the BMW iX3, BMW i4 and BMW iNEXT nameplates. All three models will comprise BMW's electric vehicle lineup in a few...

BMW iNext Shown Testing in Extreme Cold Conditions

BMW iNEXT Winter Testing
The BMW iNEXT is currently undergoing winter and cold weather testing up in Sweden and the good folks over at BMW released a few pictures for us to gaze upon. We just got back from Sweden where we tested the brand-new Volvo V60 Cross Country...