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2020 BMW M5 Edition 35 Years – The Cream Of The M5

Back in 1984, BMW launched the benchmark high-performance sedan, the M5. They are celebrating the birth of its legend with a 2020 BMW M5 Edition 35 Years. More specifically, the car is the 2020 BMW M5 Edition 35 Jahre, which is “years” in German. The...

Should you buy a 2019 BMW M5?

2019 BMW M5
We could simply go with “yes” here and call it a day, but we will try and be a bit more thorough. There have been so many changes made to the M5 for 2019 that many will question whether this is still the same...

$170k for a 25 year-old BMW M5

We’re distraught. Disturbed. Sad. Why all the tears? Because hero cars from the 90s have officially gone from “I can do it, I should do it…” to “DAMN! I can’t do anymore even with the $20k inheritance I’m getting from grandma!” Porsche 911s started the...

BMW M5 Competition details leaked

BMW’s on a tear with their mega M Competition cars. Only a few weeks ago, the M2 Competition was revealed and we’re still scrambling to get our finances in order for a down payment. The M5 Competition unveiling was expected next week but some details...