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Charge Unveils More Details About its Electric Mustang

Charge Cars Mustang | Photo: Charge Cars
This is not the first time we have discussed this topic. The shift to electric power in the automotive industry also means that the automotive restoration world will be increasingly interested in this alternative propulsion. London, U.K.-based Charge had already announced plans to produce a...

Charge Cars Unveils Its Electric Mustang at Goodwood

After a few months of teasing, Charge Cars finally lifted the veil on their 100% electric vintage Ford Mustang during this year's Goodwood Festival of Speed. The Goodwood ​​Festival of Speed has been one of the hottest events on the planet for many years. It...

Resto-modded 60s Ford Mustangs Have Electric Motors Good For 5,532 lb.-ft. Of Torque

British start-up Charge Cars will build 499 first-generation Mustang into electric quad-motor 5,532 lb.-ft. of torque tire shredders. This is the type of news that will get certified petrolheads to consider that there is replacement for displacement. Under license from Ford, Charge Cars will build...