Wednesday, May 25, 2022
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General Motors is Targeting Sales of Personal Autonomous Vehicles by mid Decade

Cruise Origin
The company is also working on robotaxis through Cruise Origin The same technology could be implemented in personal cars The definition of autonomous vehicles according to the company is unclear General Motors CEO Marry Barra announced that the company is aiming to sell autonomous...

Cruise Wants to Achieve 1 Million Self-Driving Cars by 2030

Cruise Origin
Cruise is backed by General Motors Cruise has been testing self-driving taxis in San-Fransisco for a few years now The company expects taxi costs to drop from an average of $5/mile to $1,50/mile by removing the driver Cruise is an autonomous driving technology company...

Microsoft Becomes Partner With GM’s Cruise

Microsoft latest to join self-driving car company Will also become preferred cloud partner of GM General Motors and its self-driving vehicle division Cruise have just announced a new partner in the venture. Microsoft will be part of a new $2B equity investment and will...

Cruise Origin: GM and Honda’s Vision of a Self-Driving and Ride-Sharing Future

Cruise Origin
Cruise Origin is engineered to last more than a million miles No driver, no pedals, no rearview mirrors, with seating for up to six passengers Cruise has yet to announce when the Origin will go into production As is the case with several other...